San Blakkert was born on November 12th, in Campo Grande Brazil, to Sandra and Roberto Nardi, coming from English, Italian and Spanish ancestry. She grew up in Spain, but has lived in seven countries and speaks five languages. Blakkert has three half-sisters from her father’s second marriage and a brother from his first marriage with her mother. Roberto worked in Agronomy, and Sandra was a broadcaster. It was from a young age seeing her mother in front of the camera, San too developed an interest. As a child she trained in ballet, and performed in school theatre in plays such as "snow white" "Christ" and "little red riding hood." She knew she enjoyed the craft but had yet to discover to take it on as a profession. Before becoming an actress she studied broadcasting and journalism at Middlesex University in the UK. Then a chance encounter led to modeling in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Frustrated by doing things she had no passion for, San traveled to NYC at the age of 19, which is when her acting career began. She began to study on Broadway and spent her summers in NYC auditioning for commercials and doing cold readings. Subsequently she appeared in a commercial for Hagen Daaz, and in print ads for Givenchy and Guess. (2013) Shortly after she decided to fully commit to acting which forced her, her mother and sister to relocate to Los Angeles.